Generation Z in the Workplace

Our MD, Sarah, recently wrote an article about over 50s in the workplace and the benefits for your business. After such great feedback, we wanted to look at a different generation in the office – Generation Z.

Who are Gen Z?

Sometimes referred to as Post-Millennials, members of Gen Z were born between 1996 and 2015 and are the youngest demographic in the workforce. Having grown up using the internet as second nature, Gen Z are digital natives and have never known a world without it. Our HR Intern, Lauren, wrote about how she is adapting to the world of work during her placement year. 

Gen Z in the workplace – Lauren’s perspective.

Every year a new product, system, social media site or ‘trend’ comes about, and this seems so normal to us now. We are used to seeing the next iPhone or latest social media app and adjusting to them with ease. This transition for us usually takes minutes or hours until we are fluent in its use. However, we sometimes forget we have grown up in this generation with all these digital innovations unfolding each year that this is not the case for everyone.

With each innovation or invention comes a new teaching lesson for my parents – I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes through these!  It can be a time consuming, timely and frustrating process trying to help my parents grasp these new concepts, especially when it comes so natural to me. Often it ends up in a heated discussion! Slowly but surely, we always get there in the end and over time with more experience and guidance here and there they are as fluent as I am. It may take an older generation a bit more time to adapt to something new, but they are certainly not strangers to change.

The generations before us experienced consistent change all throughout their lives that we cannot even begin to imagine. They’ve seen the appearance of televisions, mobile phones, computers, internet, decimalisation, measuring systems and ever-evolving cars. The list goes on and on! All of these new inventions and innovations were introduced in their lifetime, they did not grow up watching or using them every day like we did. They had to constantly teach themselves to use these devices with no help from the internet or necessarily others as they might have not had access to this type of technology.

Generation Z can be quick to dismiss older as not as competent in the modern workplace as they take just that bit longer and challenging to adjust to new systems, management structure changes or changes of workplace culture. We shouldn’t forget they have been adapting to all their lives and we can learn a lot from their ways of working.

Generation X is really an incredible generation that have lived through some of the most momentous inventions and innovations that have changed how we live today. As a Generation Z, we owe a lot to the and all the previous generations who created the society we live in today and I am so thankful for that.

Which generation makes a better employee?

If you ask me, a Generation Z-er, who would be a better candidate for a job role, it really shouldn’t come down to somebody’s age. Generation X have learnt throughout all these changes, they are the most capable, resilient, and hardworking generation ever produced. While Generation Z are ready to jump into a role with a digital mind and energy. It really should come down to who is the best fit for your business!

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