Injecting Some Context – Covid Vaccinations and Your Business.

29th January 2021

For some months now, there has been a lot of discussion, debate and sometimes controversy about the newly-released Covid vaccine. Many people, and indeed businesses, saw this as a step toward normality. Some people are cautious of the vaccine or uneasy about having it. 

At WeDo HR Support, we’ve seen an increase in businesses who want to know about the impact of the vaccine. Whilst we know some of our clients are still operating at reduced capacity and have staff who remain on furlough, the questions about the vaccine and staff keep cropping up. 

Over the last year, a debate has been happening about whether people should be having the vaccine.

Can employers insist that their staff take the covid vaccine?

In a large number of cases, it is our civic duty to be vaccinated and we should all accept our invitations for the vaccine as soon as they arrive. However, there are of course exceptions.

Before Christmas, we developed a “Vaccine Policy” for our clients. We have also designed a contract clause which can be used with new employees to make employment offers subject to confirmation of vaccination. This is particularly likely to be required when the role requires overseas travel for example.

In other cases, the answer to the question is not as simple – some people will be advised not to be vaccinated for medical reasons.  If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding it is important that you discuss with your GP before taking the vaccine.

If you have a needle phobia you may want to get the vaccine but feel unable, due to the phobia. In this case hypnotherapy is a really good solution and many hypnotherapists like Janet Dowling are offering special rates and slots for those whose needle phobia may prevent them from getting the vaccine.

Legal opinion seems to say that it would be unlikely that the vaccine becomes a legal requirement for any citizen – no vaccination has ever been enforced by law. So as organisations it is up to us to listen to fears, provide the information to allay them and create environments where our employees can feel empowered and comfortable to have the vaccination.  Meaning that those who genuinely can’t, can rest assured that others are creating the shield that mass vaccination provides.

WeDo are here to help with any of these difficult topics, we are on your side and want to make sure you have the best policies in place. Our team is on hand to speak to you about your HR policies and to support you in providing the best working environment for your staff.

Speak to us today about how to inject some context into questions around the virus and vaccine at your business.

Sarah Cook

MD of WeDo HR Support

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