2021 Employment Law Update

Whilst we all eagerly awaited the slow release of lockdown restrictions on 12th April.  Another date slipped unobtrusively by, 1st April – not the day of tricks and pranks, but the day that new employment legislation comes into force.

Employment legislation changes every year in April and October and with so much else going on in the world it’s easy to see how the changes required on these dates can slip by unnoticed.

This April the changes are mostly around new rates for minimum wage, living wage and apprentices so it’s important not only to check whether you are paying anyone at the lower rates but also to check if you have anyone reaching the next age band, for example reaching their 21st Birthday.

There are also some updates to Gender Pay Gap reporting, Parental Bereavement Leave and Immigration status and sponsorship required. 

Plus the compensation levels payable at tribunal have gone up. If you fall foul of employment legislation and are taken to tribunal the maximum pay out has now been increased to £89,493. Unless you are found guilty of discrimination – in which case the award against you is unlimited.

When was the last time you reviewed your contracts and policies?  If it was more than 12 months ago and you have employed new members of staff since then, it’s very possible that your employment contracts are out of date as there were several changes to these in the April 2020 update.

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Sarah Cook

MD of WeDo HR Support.

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